Each piece of pottery is hand selected, we know our customers, we know the trends and we know how to help each of you create something you will be proud to have at home.
Although at the beginning of our pottery journey we created each ceramic ourselves, our bustling café means we no longer have the capacity to do this. We work with selected suppliers to ensure our range of pottery is vast and the quality high. Our shelves are always bursting and we have new pieces each week, yes you heard us right, new pieces each week!

People often say that when they visit us they loose track of time, they don’t look at their phone and they leave feeling relaxed and inspired. When we live such busy lifestyles its imperative to take some time for us, and with mindfulness and anxiety reducing hobbies being so sought after we truly believe that our café can offer you just that.

øur prøcess

1. Let’s Start!

Choose an idea and a piece of pottery from our range of handmade ceramics. No experience is necessary, we have tips, hints and techniques to ensure you walk away with something you are proud of. The price can be found on the bottom of each piece and we have pieces starting from £3.95 and ranging upto £39.95.

2. Which paints?

Choose which type of paint you would like to use:

Acrylic paints

The colour you see is what you get, and no firing is needed. But you can still choose from a matte, shiny or waterproof finish.

Our acrylic paints come in a broad range of colours and we have pastels, metallics and glitters to boot.

We can teach you a whole host of techniques with acrylics including dry brushing, washes and stippling to name just a few leaving your piece looking detailed and precise.

Glaze paints

Use the numbered colour swatches for guidance, as the paint will turn this colour once it has been fired. Depending upon the intensity of colour you want, paint 1, 2 or 3 coats. We recommend using glazes for items that will require washing or items that will house a real candle. Your piece will be glazed and fired within approximately 2-3 weeks but timelines will vary throughout the year. Once ready we will drop you a text to let you know it’s ready for collection. We keep completed pieces for 8 weeks giving you ample time to come and collect.

We also have a range of special effect glazes such as exploding, speckle and glitter glazes which add that extra special touch to your piece. These are priced individually.

3. Studio time

The  £3.50  studio charge per decorator covers the use of the studio for up to two hours, the use of the paints and studio materials, plus any glazing and firing costs.

4. Take it home

Finished your piece? We will wrap it up ready for you to take home with you.

5. Not finished?

Don’t worry, we will look after it. We keep unfinished pieces for 3 months leaving you plenty of time to come back and finish it.